Sore Bottom….

Today has been a rough day for my bottom. It started with this morning when i was all out ]pof sorts because i was feeling insecure about my body and i got snappy with J. He decided to refocus me. As he spanked me he reminded me that I’m beautiful and i don’t need to feel insecure. He told me he loved me and made me feel better. Then he transitioned into some swats for being snappy at him, which i know is disrespectful. He went back to lighter swats to finish refocusing me. It wasn’t too bad. ( he also used the paddle to give me 8 smacks for cussing. We have an agreement that for every cus word said is a smack with the paddle for me and a dollor for him.)

Throughout the day I kept piling up the cus words! My big mistake of the day was saying, “f*** you” to him… Twice! *facepalm* i also snapped at him a few times and ignored him on mutiple occasions, which is a disrespect issue. So for all of that i had to be disciplined… For the 16 cus words and ignoring him, and snapping at him, he used the wooden spoon, and for cussing directly at him he used the bigger paddle. I really, really, really hate the wooden spoon and REALLY hate the paddle (which he broke). Note to self: never cus directly at J. I was having a heck of a time staying still and kept blocking him, which earned me some more harder swats with the dreadful spoon. I really don’t like to be spanked because I’m being punished. After he was done discipling me he transitioned into some refocus spankings, which stung because of the punishement, but made me feel better. Now my butt is stinging and sore. I do feel better though, and i love that J is strong enough to follow through and keep me accountable. I scored some really great sex after!!! He’ll blog soon!


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