Never Again! 

Last night… When J got home for work I had to inform him that I was at 30 cus words for the day. So of course, I got 30 hard spanks from his hand and some reminder spanks that I am not to talk that way. I was pretty good at staying in position for the most part as hard as it was and even though it stung like the dickens. After that he gave me a long refocusing because I was very stressed out yesterday. 

So, after a punishment spanking I’m not allowed to rub my butt unless he gives me permission. After a refocusing I can as long as he’s okay with it. But after my discipline yesterday it was stinging so bad that I was adamant about rubbing. I was being completely stubborn and fighting off J so I could rub. I even went into the kitchen and sat on an ice pack. It was pathetic. I was acting like a child and I don’t even know why! He gave me so many warnings and finally I crossed the line. So he spanked me with this awful metal measuring spoon. I could not get myself to stay still. The spanking made the stinging worse, and again, I fought him and rubbed it again… He again, gave me multiple warnings and I again, crossed the line. So I again, got spanked with the metal spoon pretty hard. This time I gave him the spoon, bent over willingly, and took the spanking as best I could because I knew I was being completely disrespectful and disobedient on purpose. I felt so bad about it. By the time he was done I was crying and hugged him and apologised over and over. I didn’t rub after that, as much as I wanted to. After I fixed him, he rubbed it for me and we cuddled for awhile. Never again will I disrespect or disobey J like that again. This morning my butt is so sore, but I know I completely deserved everything I got. 

I love you Baby, and again, I’m sorry and that won’t ever happen again! ❤ 


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