No more cussing. 

So, as I said in my last post, I was anticipating a spanking for cussing (35 times) since I was spanked for it last time. It was such a long, painful wait too.. When he finally did it I asked him if we haaaaad too, and he of course, said yes… I really dread being punished. I know you’re not suppose to like it or look forward to it, but J is so good at it, it almost makes it worse. He has been doing some reading lately and he found a post about the “anatomy of spanking” and he’s been spanking off of that, which I don’t like because he smacks my thighs every once in a while and it hurts REALLY bad. Anyway, so I got over his knee and he gave me a warm up and some reminders about my attitude (which has been improving but could still use some work) and then off came the panties… I felt him pick up his plastic spoon or whatever it is (we picked up some new toys recently) and he said I love you, and we’re gonna get the cussing dealt with. So I braced myself and he began… About 15 smacks in I started squirming and kicking, and he told me to stop with some harder smacks, and so I stopped. When he was finished with that he gave me a few more with his hand. So, he only gave me thirty, and I owed him 35. When he stopped with the spoon I took a minute to contemplate whether or not I should tell him that, and came to the conclusion that if I didn’t tell him I would end up telling him later and the consequences for not being honest immediately would be a lot worse… So I told him. “Babe, I actually owed you 35…” He said, “oh, really?” And gave me 5 quite hard smacks with his hand that made me whimper a little bit and said, “thank you for being honest.” Then he stopped and asked me if I should be rewarded for being a good-girl. I said no, sir, because I wasn’t really good through that (all the squirming and kicking). So he turned me back over and let me redeem myself. I stayed very still and quiet and only let out a little whimper or two. He held me for a minute and told me that if I’m good during a spanking and don’t kick or move or talk to much I’ll get rewarded with sex, but if I’m not good I won’t get any sex. This time I got rewarded :). He also said I could rub for a little bit, but I didn’t end up rubbing at all. That just shows how stubborn I can be sometimes.. It didn’t turn out to be too bad of a punishment, or at least not the worst I’ve ever had. 


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