The Cane

The cane is not the worst thing in the world. It’s better than some things I’ve been spanked with. Anyway, last night I was in a sour mood. I don’t know why, I was just really grumpy. I couldn’t talk because if I did I just sounded snappy. When we got home I went to our room and tried to get in a better mood, but I just couldn’t! J came in and rubbed my back and said sweet things, and that wasn’t working either… Then he said, “you know what we haven’t done in awhile?” I knew what he was talking about instantly. And it’s true, we haven’t done any sort of spanking for quite a few weeks. “I think you need a correction.” And of course, I tried to talk my way out of it. Corrections aren’t all that bad, they’re not punishments or discipline or anything. They’re more like refocusings. He does a really good job at giving them too. The worst part about being spanked right now is the cane. Because I’m pregnant, the cane is the lowest impact, so J is more comfortable using it then anything else. I prefer his hand over everything else, but the cane really isn’t the worst implement.  He talked to me all the way through it, telling me that everything is okay and the good things I have in my life, which makes it easier to cooperate with the spanking, for the most part. I took it without resisting. He finished and had me cuddle with him for a minute, but I still felt grumpy. So he turned me back over and did a little more. After he finished again, I cuddled him and felt so much better. I forget how much they actually help and make me feel better. And you know… Better mood equals better sex 😉 


No Doubts. 

About what I said in my last post… It’s not that J is having doubts about it, he just doesn’t want to spank me while I’m pregnant, which I completely understand. So instead I think we’re gonna try other things until I have the baby.. I don’t completely know what those other things are, but I guess we’ll find out. He’s been getting on my case for not listening to him (which is true, he’ll tell me to do something and I’ll just procrastinate until he gets upset, and then I’ll do it) so we might find out sooner than later…. 

Life Is Good. 

Hello! I know, it’s been a really long time since J or I have posted, but we got married and everything and life has just been really good and busy, and I just haven’t had time to sit down and write a blog. I haven’t been really spanked since before the wedding… I just haven’t done anything to need one. I’ve had a small one here and there for small things, but nothing I would think to blog about. It’s a personal marriage issue, so I’m not going to get into the details, but I think J might be having some doubts about this whole thing anyway. Im kinda hoping it’s because I’m pregnant and we’ll get back into it after the baby comes maybe? I don’t know. Our sex life hasn’t been that great either. It’s not because we’re having marriage issues or anything, it’s simply because it just hasn’t been very comfortable for me, and I just haven’t had the sex drive. I’m hoping it’ll pass soon. I have 15 more weeks of this pregnancy…. More later.