Writing Lines

I’m blogging about this because my husband said I should, and I’m listening to him… You’ll find it funny after you read the post. 

We’ve recently decided to actively start our CDD lifestyle again. For one, my behavior towards J has been a little out of control lately. Two, I feel better overall when it’s happening and I’m kept in my place which leads to less punishments and corrections. Three, all of that leads to a better and happier sex life. Four, I really do need it, emotionally. 

Anyway, yesterday we went on a family outing, which was very nice. I have this habit that J hates, and I’m trying to break it. Most of the time that is. He caught me doing it a couple times and told me to stop. Well.. I decided I was going to test his limits and I ignored him and kept doing it. He sent me a text that basically said I was running out of chances, which undoubtedly means a stern spanking. So I continued to do it anyway… When we got to the house (we crashed with a friend) he told me that the only thing saving me was not being at our home. So I had to write lines… Something that I had never done for him before. He instructed me to write “I will listen to my husband” 20 times. It really wasn’t that bad and I know I deserved way more. I’m thankful my husband loves me and wants me to be my best and nothing less.  



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